Carto Logo   CARTO
CARTO provides various tools to extract, analyze, and illustrate location information featured in data sets. The software’s, Builder platform automatically applies visual layers to maps to highlight key patterns and findings, while the Data Observatory helps users augment their data using publicly available demographic,
economic, and real estate data sets to add more context to the findings. 
Mapbox Logo   MapBox
Through MapBox, users can build custom vector maps, including street level, terrain, and satellite maps that are updated with
real-time data. Users can create animated data points and searchable geocoded addresses, and MapBox’s navigation
feature provides turn-by-turn directions based on current traffic information. 
Tour Builder Logo   Tour Builder
This Google Earth program lets users upload images, text, video, and other media content onto specific locations on a map to
create “tours” of travels and experiences. The program was
originally designed to help veterans create maps of their tours of duty, but can be used to create visual, location-based stories. 
Maptiler Logo   MapTiler
With MapTiler, users can create custom, zoomable vector and raster maps from scratch or using the site’s collection of free world maps. 
ArcGIS Logo   ArcGIS
ArcGIS is a cloud-based mapping software that can create custom maps, visualize data points using colorful “Smart Mapping” tools, and produce 3D maps and scene illustrations. The software also offers location geocoding as well as spatial analytics to help users analyze patterns and find meaning in their data sets.
Users can create maps with interactive spatial data points as well as compose and edit raster and vector layers to illustrate different data sets. QGIS also has spatial data analysis tools like vector analysis, sampling, geoprocessing, and database management tools. 
GISCloud Logo   GISCloud
This cloud-based mapping program allows users to collect and upload field data and survey responses in real time to build
custom maps enriched with location information. GISCloud is also testing a beta geocoding feature to transform addresses into
coordinate points that represent data. 
Scribble Maps Logo   Scribble Maps
Through Scribble Maps, users can create clickable maps using drawing and editing tools to add locations, text, icons, images, and markers. Scribble Maps also features analytical tools for
calculating distance, area, and travel time. 
Google Fusion Tables Logo   Fusion Tables
Fusion Tables, a Google-based visualization tool, allows users to make maps, charts, and tables using their own imported data or public data sources. Fusion Tables can also merge data tables, and charts and maps automatically update whenever changes are made to the original data set, including new versions of
public data. 
Story Maps Logo   EsriStory Maps
With EsriStory Maps, users can combine maps, text, images,
infographics, and multimedia content to display data and create interactive projects. Story Map formats include photo/media tours; cascading story pages; a map journal that combines maps with narrative storytelling; and tabbed, accordion, and bullet list page layouts. 
WorldMap Logo   WorldMap
Developed by Harvard University, WorldMap allows users to build and edit maps and upload layers of data to illustrate geospatial information. 
eSpatial Mapping Software Logo   eSpatial Mapping Software
With eSpatial Mapping Software, users can mine location
information embedded in data to create interactive maps from spreadsheets, CRMs, databases, and other data management
systems. eSpatial also offers various styling options such as
color-coding, heat visualization, pins, and bubbles, as well as
interactive features like pop-ups, address searches, legends, and data filtering. 
OpenHeat Map Logo   OpenHeat Map
Users can upload spreadsheets of location-based data points to OpenHeat Map to generate an interactive map illustrating their data. The site also allows for some customizations options for maps, including text size, colors, and animation. 
OpenLayers Logo   OpenLayers
With OpenLayers, users can upload images, pre-rendered map tiles, and vector data to build custom maps. The software works with OSM, Bing, MapBox, Staman, GeoJSON, and other mapping software. 
OpenStreet Map Logo   OpenStreet Map
OpenStreet Map is a free map software that allows users to edit and export maps from any region of the world. The maps are tagged to denote structures on the ground such as highways, emergency facilities, residences, and different types of
businesses, which are constantly updated by a network of
knowledgeable community contributors. 
InstantAtlas Logo   InstantAtlas
InstantAtlas allows users to build maps and visualizations by combining original data with publicly available national data. The software offers customizable templates with interactive features like panning, zooming, and hyperlinking to additional charts,
tables, and websites. 
StoryMap JS Logo
  StoryMap JS
This Knight Lab-developed platform helps journalists narrate news stories by highlighting the locations of a series of events through maps and images. Users can incorporate images and
media from Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, GoogleMaps,
SoundCloud, and Wikipedia, among other sources.