Visme   Visme
Visme is a cloud-based design software that allows customers to produce infographics, presentations, and other visual projects with interactive features like animation, pop-ups, links, video, and audio voiceovers. Visme offers pricing plans for individuals, businesses, and students and teachers that grant varying levels of data storage, customization controls, and project
Canva   Canva
is a design software with templates and tools for creating documents, graphs, and charts as well as photo and image
Users can create bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, donut charts, Venn diagrams, and mind maps through its free graphics tools, and also generate custom color palettes and
design schemes
Easelly   Easelly
Easelly offers design tools and templates for creating custom
infographics from scratch. The company also provides design tips and guidance through webinars, blogs, and articles. 
Piktochart   Piktochart
This free design software allows
users to create infographics,
reports, and
visualizations from customizable templates. Users can also import data from Excel files and Google spreadsheets to build charts and maps. 
Infogram   Infogram
enables users to make static and interactive charts, maps, and infographics from its library of design templates,
images, icons, and GIFs. The software includes a free basic
version with limited access to templates as well as paid versions that grant customers wider design and customization options.
ThingLink   ThingLink
enables users to create interactive infographics and maps that link to additional images, videos, and content to
provide more information
or issue a call-to-action to viewers. The platform also allows users to create 360°/virtual reality tours and images. 
VIDI is a data visualization software that lets users create charts, maps, timelines, and infographics from customizable templates.