Alma Basics Overview Video

Ex Libris has recorded a one-hour overview of the Alma Library Services Platform. Times are listed below if you would like to skip to a specific section.

  • 2:30 (Start here – first 2.5 minutes is sales/marketing content)
  • 4:41 (Actual demo begins)
  • 14:45-20:34 (Acquisitions, example used is ordering an e-resource)
  • 20:34-29:53 (Resource Management, aka “Cataloging”)
  • 29:53-35:41 (Fulfillment, aka “Circulation”)
  • 35:41 – 46:56 (Analytics)
  • 46:56 – End (Q&A)

Virtual Conference Featuring Alma Sessions

UH Libraries has registered for the Ex Libris Southcentral Users Group (ELSUG) virtual conference on November 15, 2018. Sessions focusing on Alma implementation will be offered during the conference. View list of sessions

Those seeking information on Alma implementation, and how other institutions are using Alma, are encouraged to attend the virtual conference, viewable in MD Anderson Library 106-R. Feel free to attend sessions of interest.

Alma Implementation Steering Committee

Posted on behalf of Dean German:

Dear Colleagues,

I’m pleased to announce the members of the Alma Implementation Steering Committee:

  • Nora Dethloff
  • Christina Gola
  • Richard Guajardo
  • Lee Hilyer
  • John Lehner (chair)
  • Rob Spragg
  • Annie Wu

This group will be coordinating our institutional effort in the implementation of Alma from Ex Libris, the new library service platform for UH Libraries, the UH Law Library, UHCL, and UHD. As you may know, approximately 95% of the resources we provide to our community are electronic. Alma will replace Sierra, Serials Solutions and other systems we currently use to manage e-resources. By moving to Alma, we will significantly reduce the complexity of our resource management system, establishing one integrated platform with streamlined workflow efficiency and user-friendly features, benefiting both internal administrators and end users.

Over the next year, several cross-departmental work teams will be deployed as we make the transition to Alma. Rest assured that many of you will have the opportunity to lend your expertise along the way, and will play an integral part in the Alma implementation. We cannot do this without you. You’ll be excited to know that Alma will allow all of us to work smarter, not harder.

We are finalizing the contract and will be starting work soon. We will be posting progress updates online at the Alma blog,; please bookmark this site, as it will be our primary location for Alma news relevant to UH Libraries, Law, UHCL, and UHD.  A comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will also be populated here in the coming months as we learn more about all of the incredible features that Alma offers. We will also post updates and documentation to an internal Alma intranet site applicable to UH Libraries staff.

I am very excited about the move to Alma and the opportunities it affords for an agile resource management system.

Lisa German
Dean of University Libraries and Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair
University of Houston Libraries
4333 University Dr.
Houston TX 77204-2000
Ph. 713-743-9795