Project Charter – Acquisitions Team

The project charter for the Acquisitions Team was approved on November 14, 2018. Excerpts from the charter (PDF) are below:

Project Description and Purpose:
The Acquisitions Team will be responsible for reviewing policies and procedures related to acquisitions activities, configuring the system appropriately, implementing the related Alma workflows, and ensuring that all staff involved with acquisitions activities are appropriately trained.

Project Scope:
This team will review Alma acquisitions documentation to understand the Alma acquisitions infrastructure and workflows. The team will create a plan for configuring the acquisitions infrastructure and workflow rules, including funds and ledgers, purchasing, assignment of appropriate staff roles, vendor information and communications, and integration with campus financial systems. The team will examine existing acquisitions processes and recommend changes in alignment with the new system. The team will coordinate and provide training and documentation on acquisitions processes within Alma.


Alma Basics Overview Video

Ex Libris has recorded a one-hour overview of the Alma Library Services Platform. Times are listed below if you would like to skip to a specific section.

  • 2:30 (Start here – first 2.5 minutes is sales/marketing content)
  • 4:41 (Actual demo begins)
  • 14:45-20:34 (Acquisitions, example used is ordering an e-resource)
  • 20:34-29:53 (Resource Management, aka “Cataloging”)
  • 29:53-35:41 (Fulfillment, aka “Circulation”)
  • 35:41 – 46:56 (Analytics)
  • 46:56 – End (Q&A)

Virtual Conference Featuring Alma Sessions

UH Libraries has registered for the Ex Libris Southcentral Users Group (ELSUG) virtual conference on November 15, 2018. Sessions focusing on Alma implementation will be offered during the conference. View list of sessions

Those seeking information on Alma implementation, and how other institutions are using Alma, are encouraged to attend the virtual conference, viewable in MD Anderson Library 106-R. Feel free to attend sessions of interest.